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"Is Problem Management Taken Seriously?" (itSMF UK Conference 2012)


Best practice says that resolving incidents and resolving problems are separate but equally important processes. The benefits of good problem management can be massive both in terms of reducing costs for the service provider and improving customer satisfaction. This presentation looks at some of the issues seen when problem management isn't taken seriously and gives practical guidance on how to impliment it completely and do it well.


"Do More With Less" (itSMF UK Conference 2011)


IT Service Management is sometimes perceived as something exclusively for large IT departments with significant resources, but there are numerous reasons that small IT teams are actually very well placed to benefit. This presentation will take you from identifying the value and benefits for your organisation through to a justification for service management in a small IT team and may even highlight a few points that the larger departments can learn from.


"Big Benefits from Quick Wins with IT Service Management" (itSMF CSI Seminar, 2011) 


There are many opportunities for cost saving naturally built into ITSM but sometimes some of them are forgotten or overlooked in the overall effort to 'implement' it. Looking across ITIL and other useful models, this presentation will pick out a few practical steps that can achieve good, and quick, returns. Main Takeaways - Key areas to focus on in order to extract maximum benefit from ITSM with low financial outlay; How to track and measure success against those key areas.


"Adding Value Through Better Internal Reviews"  (itSMF UK Conference 2010)


There’s more to Service Management Internal Reviews than just getting ready for an external audit. Done right, they can create a lot of value for the business; establishing an improvement culture and helping the business remain agile. Just going through the motions isn't enough. This presentation will highlight the benefits of the right approach, some of the value that can be added and best of all … you can do it yourself, I’ll show you how.


"Getting Started With ITIL" (Joint session with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS Service Management SG, BCS Quality SG and Southampton Solent University)


Service Management has been adopted by many thousands of companies worldwide but what is it? Fundamentally, it’s a way to manage the delivery of IT, focussed on the customers perception of IT’s contribution to the business. This short introduction to Service Management will explain the key concepts and features and will give attendees sufficient information to understand and build upon the essentials. We’ll begin with what the industry is getting out of Service Management, move on to explain ITIL and ISO20000 in some detail and then finish with a brief look at other linked topics including ISO27001, COBIT and Lean. 


"ISO20000 and Continual Improvement" (itSMF South West Regional Group)


"Service Management in Difficult Economic Conditions" (itSMF UK Conference 2009)


"Real Experience of Implementing Service Management" (itSMF South Central Regional Group &

itSMF E-Symposium)


An examination of the Hampshire County Council implementation of Service Management, some examples of where we achieved success against our aims (reduce costs, improve efficiency and improve quality to the customer) and some key lessons learned which could be applied elsewhere.


"ISO/IEC20000 and the Hampshire County Council Journey" (itSMF South East Regional Group)


"How to get ISO20000 in 18 Months" (itSMF UK Conference 2008)


"A 1 Hour Introduction to Service Management, ITIL and ISO20000" (Hampshire & Isle of Wight Partnership ICT Audit Sub-Group)