BrightOak Consultancy can now deliver a certified 1 day ITIL® Foundation course through our partnership with Infrassistance and their ITIL® In A Day course. Aimed primarily at our existing and previous consultancy clients, but also potentially of great benefit to new clients, this course will allow us to create a fully personalised experience for your company and staff. Teaching the course with a full understanding of your business, processes, terminology and expectations for your people.

There can be many times during a consultancy engagement when the need for staff training is raised. Often this is covered by a half-day introduction to the subject that we produce specifically for the client. Teaching the teams in the language they already understand, referencing the structures and organisation they know, focussing on the areas of service management that specifically relate to their work. However some staff will require something more in depth, broader or perhaps certified. This is where this course offers distinct advantage – and it can still be tailored for you.

ITIL® Foundation courses will normally require 3 days away from the office along with the inconvenience and expense that incurs. Instead, this option offers the benefits of pre-course reading which can be done in advance, a one day taught course delivered over an extended working day and the option of an exam sat online or at a range of centres, booked at a point convenient for the client. It’s completely flexible. Staff don’t even have to be in the room, globally video-conferenced versions of the course can also be delivered.

This course isn’t right for everybody; it is only suitable for people working in IT organisations with some working knowledge of ITIL® , we can offer other options for people who are coming with less background in the subject.

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